North Coast Music Festival
North Coast Music Festival

10 North Coast Nuggets of Info You Should Probably Pay Attention to: Festival Map, Will Call & Check-In, Ticket Prices, What to Bring, What Not to Bring

Posted on August 30, 2010

Hey! North Coast Festivalgoers! Pay attention, this stuff makes all of our lives easier and more enjoyable. Now follow the rules, enjoy the tunes, and have the time of your freakin’ life. The maiden voyage is upon us. See below and click here for a map of the festival.

1. All children 12 years and under will be admitted to the festival free of charge. Because North Coast is generous, and kids deserve good live music too.

2. If you’re on the Will-Call/Guest-List, or if you already have a 3-day ticket, head to Bottom Lounge first. Have a drink while you’re there and avoid the front gate congestion. It’s right around the corner.

3. After Parties for Everyone. To be fair, festival ticket buyers were offered the first crack at the limited spots at the After Parties. Starting today, the After Parties will be open to the general public. Get Your Tickets Here!

4. Never Ending Sensory Input. The Chicago Reader Living Gallery, featuring graf walls and epic murals, body painting, overhead art installations, merch and food options for everyone, photo booths, hoopers, old hippies, babies with shooting range headhpones, ridiculous outfits, ridiculous people.

5. Don’t bring things that are obviously not allowed. Also don’t bring large lounge chairs, tents, knives or weapons, video or audio recording devices, professional cameras, pets, food, glass containers, beverages except for sealed water, and aerosol cans of ANY kind.

6. By all means, bring your digital cameras, phone or disposable cameras, fanny packs, purses, European carry-alls, school backpacks (will be searched), lawn chairs, blankets, hipster sunglasses, floppy hats, lighters, cigarettes, sun block, lip gloss, empty plastic containers, umbrellas, binoculars, etc.

7. Members of the Media, North Coast is happy to have you. Check in at the entrance located on Ashland Ave, just South of Lake Street and record why everyone should come back next year with all of their friends.

8. Tickets going fast, with ticket prices increasing throughout the week as supply is diminished. Any left at the gate will be available for $50. Still a bargain.

9. Don’t forget to thank our partners, because without them, none of this would be possible. Map out your month with a few Groupons, chug a Red Bull while listening to, grab groceries in a ZipCar, and pick up copies of the Redeye, Timeout Chicago, Chicago Reader, and Relix on your way back to your suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. Then make friends with the rest of our partners.

10. Have you heard about this lineup?