The Living Gallery Returns!

Posted on August 15, 2016

Being the home-grown, Chicago-bred festival it is, every year since it’s inception seven years ago, North Coast Music Festival has teamed up with art collectives Ava Grey Designs(Creative Agency/Production House) + The Elder Tree to create a space that is part Living Art Gallery and part homage to the history of street art. With it’s obvious love of all things hip hop, it seemed like a natural fit for North Coast.

Artists from all over the world have painted the walls at North Coast, which now hang in art galleries and museums across Chicago.

This year CZR PRZ, Luke Sequeira and Nick Glazebrook of Ava Grey Designs + The Elder Tree have put together a lineup of painters that is unparalleled:

J.C. Rivera
Brain Killer
Zor Zor Zor
Sticker Club/ Oscar Arriola
Dred Ske
Bunny XLV

This year, the Living Gallery will be connected to the Silent Disco giving art enthusiasts the chance to listen to a special Living Gallery curated channel on their headphones while watching the painters create works of art in front of them, an experience unique to North Coast. The DJs, who include a list of Chicago hip hop icons, renowned producers and career sound-selectors are:

Maker (Galapgos4, The Comeups)
Void Pedal – Live PA (Fieldwerk Recordings)
DJ Intel (D30, The Comeups)
Vapor Eyes (Push beats, Young Heavy Souls)
DJ Trew (Groudlift Media)
Zavala – Live PA (Fieldwerk Recordings, Darktime Sunshine)
TEWZ – Live PA (Illektrik)
DJ Presto (DJ Scratch Academy)
Tony Trimm
Deejay Pickel (The Comeups)
Select Inverse (Custom Vibes, Cage & Aquarium)
Ghengis Won
D. Castillo + Gogo
Dexter Alan

As an added bonus, visual artists Eight Cell will be at NCMF with a custom projection mapping installation.

Come check out what the artists have in store!