North Coast Music Festival




U.K electro-funk Space Cowboys Jamiroquai makes their iconic comeback to the Midwest since 2005 this Sunday, September 2nd at North Coast Music Festival with an extended set!

After hinting at the possibility throughout 2017, Jamiroquai finally announced that they would indeed be returning to the USA several times in 2018. With the forward-funking album release of Automation last year, and five show dates unveiled, the band had two appearances at Coachella in April and appearances at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (April 17), and are looking forward to Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival (September 1), New York City’s Forrest Hills Stadium (September 8), and the sixth annual Suwannee Hulaween (October 26-28).

In a recent Rolling Stone interview with Jay Kay, he talked about his spinal injury and the years of recovery it took him. He came to realize that he was not adequately caring for his health, and that his days of 10-foot jumps during performances were coming to an end. Reflecting upon this, he told Rolling Stone, “I was kind of getting bored of me, getting bored of the band, we were all bored of each other. … I was just wondering what am I doing this for … I actually asked myself: Who are you going to hand this on to? I mean it’s great, it’s great, go around the world and make some money and drive fast cars and fly helicopters and it’s all wonderful – but what’s in it? What am I really doing? I’m not really doing anything. I’ve not got my head screwed on.”

Despite these doubts, the band nonetheless came together and recorded Automation. Everyone thought these guys had disappeared for good, but the surprising reactions from their fans was alarmingly positive and unexpected. In the words of Jay Kay, writing, recording, and performing has continued to be “an addiction.”

In a recent article, Jay Kay also talked about North Coast artist Vulfpeck, specifically how he finds them “inspiring” and “magical!” The two groups are also playing Suwannee Hulaween Festival this October – who knows, perhaps the the two will collab for some sick, funky onstage performances.

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